Abstract clinical case or abstract (poster) submission

Thank you for submission, the authors will soon be contacted by b.carenini@idea-group.it

Submission of a clinical case or Abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the author(s) to present the work in person
in Milan at 14th Annual European pediatric colorectal and pelvic reconstruction meeting, if accepted.

Late submissions will not be accepted; Abstract clinical case or Abstract still in Draft status after the deadline will not
be considered. The submitter must be the presenter of the case.


Clinical Case Content

The Clinical Case must be Clear, Educational, Practical and REAL.  
The purpose of a clinical case presentation is to communicate diagnostic reasoning,
providing a clear description of the patient’s condition and further management.
The case needs to be educational and not necessarily rare or unusual.

Patients must never be identifiable.

Patient data (name, date of birth, hospital number…) must be removed.
Please note that for rare cases, some of the case information (video, images)
could constitute indirect identification, patient should also agree with this.

As the grading and selection process is blinded, the title and content
(including media files) must not contain identifying features
, i.e., information such as:
• Names (authors or others)
• Names of the institutes (hospitals, medical schools, clinics…)
• Cities

Also not authorised
• Trademarks. Use generic drug names. The use of commercial drug names, brands
and registered trademarks is strictly prohibited. Drugs should be referred to by the
active substance or pharmacological designation.
• Company names and location
• Web sites and email addresses

Please pay specific attention in deleting such information. Failure to comply with
the submission rules and guidelines will/may lead to automatic rejection of the submission;
or this information may be deleted by the submission, services, and some rephrasing may occur.


A maximum of 250 words without spaces. Be sure the title of the case describes the case precisely.
Do not include authors, institutions, city names, trademarks and abbreviations in the title.